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"A touching and personal journey through the life of one man, and beyond."

"Creative direction and beautiful storytelling are the highlight of Heaven."

"Mr. Benfield, who also wrote and starred in the film, executes a masterful grasp of narrative, creating a visually interesting and emotionally compelling account of Jonathan’s journey."

"The use of flashbacks as a storytelling device in filmmaking can sometimes get old, but Benfield’s brilliant concept of telling the story backward and forward is quite dazzling."

"The general overall feeling of the film is transcendent and gripping."

"We award Heaven the Dove Seal of Approval for Ages 12+"

— Jeryn H. -

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"Creative direction and beautiful storytelling"

— Jeryn H. -

"It's deep. It's powerful! It's life changing"

— ravissaj

"A first class production"

— M. Robinson

""It's not over yet" just became my anthem"

— T. Henderson

"A must see!"

— R. A. Bennett

"A powerful film"

— cpne

"Beyond expectations"

— Bumpga

"A positive message of hope"

— World Magazine

Based on the book HEAVEN; THE ADVENTURE BEGINS by author Alan Duprey and adapted to screenplay by screenwriter Angus Benfield, faith based film HEAVEN, tells the story of Jonathan Stone, a middle-aged paramedic who struggles to find meaning in the midst of his everyday life, until he wakes up one day in HEAVEN and discovers that his life had more meaning than he could ever have imagined. Set between Heaven and Earth, HEAVEN follows the life and afterlife of Jonathan Stone and the lives of those around him from his past, present and future.